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Hi! Yea..so here is my resume thingy.... Name: Nicole M. Age: 15… - Theater!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Theater Lover

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[Mar. 30th, 2005|03:33 pm]
Theater Lover
Hi! Yea..so here is my resume thingy....
Name: Nicole M.
Age: 15
Location: Brooklyn, NY
"Home" Theater: my highschool stage and briefly TADA!
Actor/Techie: Actress, but at my school it is all the same...my Dad is a stangehand anyway so yea both

First Show: Ummm I think it was called the White Mitten and I played the Grandmother...in 1st grade

Short Resume:
MTV:Medieval Television-Lady Diana, Celine Begone, ensemble,dragon
Shakespeare traveling Company ( that wasn't the real name I can't remember it)-King Oberon, actress in company ( we didn't have names..), the son of someone in MacBeth, and Hamlet
Annie Get Your Gun-ensemble ( I can't sing well at all)
Time Travel-Wilbur Wright, Child filming Physco, alien, peasant
Frankestein's Mansion- Jacqueline
The Case of the Missing Santa claus ( or something like that)-Kat
The Final Dress rehersal-Director
In Search of Santa Claus(or something like that)-Stage Manager, Sarge
Little Shop of Horrors-ensemble, skidrow person
Untitled play- manican servant...don't ask

High School:

Ooo umm...Annie Get Your Gun, the two Christmas plays, and the Final Dress rehersal..

Most Recent Theatrical "Thing":

The Final Dress Rehersal..we open in April and do two nights I think.

Dream Roles:

The Wicked Witch of the west-The Wizard of Oz
Jacob Marley-A Christmas Carol
The Ghost of Christmas yet to BE-a Christmas carol ( the dancing one)
Aunt Cissy-A tree Grows in Brooklyn
Madame DeMaurier ( I think)- Finding Neverland aka The Man Who Was Peter Pan
Desiree Armfeldt-A Little Night Music
Mother Superior-the Sound of Music
Scarlett-Gone With the Wind
Marian-The Music Man
Mrs.Lovett- Sweeney Todd
Javert-Les Miserables
Madame Giry- Phantom of the Opera

Anything else:

I am absolutely obsessed with Sondheim and I love A Christmas Carol the musical..the one from Madison Square Garden.. I was also a dancer ( once for four yearss) and I am a pianist for eight years now .

[User Picture]From: meaghan1345
2005-03-30 10:11 pm (UTC)


thankx for joining! i love the resume, and Sondheim is a musical GOD. once again thankx for joining. u can post anything on here that ya want!
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